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The Hellsing Drabble and Ficlet Journal

The Hellsing Drabble and Ficlet Journal
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I present to you the Hellsing Drabble and Ficlet Journal. I am rosehiptea, and I'm technically the mod here, so feel free to contact me if you have questions or suggestions.

I do feel the need to present a few rules, though I hardly want to lay down the law.

Please feel free to post here all your Hellsing drabbles (100 words, technically) and very short fiction (100-500 words suggested, though going a bit over is no problem). Anime or manga-based works very welcome! AU and crossovers too! Humor, horror, angst, romance (of any combination), character studies, anything goes!

Do LJ-cut everything, and give a few brief words about the plot, idea, and/or character(s). You don't have to ruin your surprises though; use your own judgment.

As Hellsing is already loaded with mature content in canon, and this is text-only, for the time being I am allowing all ratings. However proper warnings are a must for NC-17 content: Please indicate sex, very graphic violence (i.e. something that's more graphically described than Hellsing canon), het or slash, BDSM, and especially anything exceptional as incest or non-con.

I do present weekly "theme challenges" and, when there is enough interest, individual challenges by poll such are presented at 100bullets, the Trigun drabble LJ, which I hope will forgive me for taking their idea. If you have some challenge or plot bunny of your own, that you would like to see people write, feel free to present that as well.

You are very welcome to participate as a reader even if you don't wish to write. But drabbles and ficlets are fun so don't be afraid to give it a try!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: Hellsing is owned by Kohta Hirano, Pioneer Entertainment, and others, not by any contributors to this journal. No copyright infringement intended or implied.

Any names of real living people used in these fanfictions are used entirely fictitiously and nothing is implied about said real people. It's all made up.