Kate (lightindark7) wrote in bloody_shorts,


Here be drabble, A/S


Seras wasn’t sure what it was that was making her feel this relaxed.


She was warm, that was always a good start, she was full which again was always something to be pleased about and something that hadn’t happened in a long while. She was also very comfortable, despite the fact that she had a rather heavy male body half draped over her own.


He was warm which was a surprise, she had always expected him to be cold. He was dead after all and he luxuriated in his death-like state. She had expected him to be light, or at least lighter than he was, he was so thin after all, but his weight was solid and heavy against her and she purred at it.


Waking up slowly was wonderful, she took a deep sigh and let it out; feeling her breath move his hair, making it tickle her face when it moved back. She should sleep like this more often was her thought until an arm smacked her in the face and a disgruntled voice muttered something she couldn’t understand.


“Good morning to you to master.” She muttered pushing an arm from her face.


“Go back to sleep.” Was the eventual reply.


End drabble


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